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Reviews, comments

roda barrios - 11/30/2023 9:36:45

Pakibilisan niyo naman, super bagal ang delivery, almost 1week na wala pa, manila lang galing ang parcel jusko po!

rj - 11/30/2023 9:35:35

pakibilis naman ang pagdeliver, super bagal kasi as in

Ernest Lee Alcantara - 11/15/2023 13:59:53

Parcel are always late more than a week still not delivered. how sad.

Linechoices Trading - 10/22/2023 19:52:27

make sure to contact the reaciver and attack rider contact no.

Rodylne Villatura - 10/11/2023 9:24:00

wala akong natanggap tpos ssbhin incorrect address

Kryzaly Paglinawan - 10/3/2023 15:44:30

I expect my package to arrive today, therefore please do not include that information in the order details. Because I had personal errands to run every day, I go home early for that!

Kryzaly Paglinawan - 10/3/2023 15:39:31

I need my package to deliver today

Me - 10/3/2023 15:38:48

I need my package

Oscar - 8/7/2023 10:19:34

We are just 1 min away from metromanila but it takes 5 days to deliver the oarcel. So bad costomer service. This is my firts and last to have their services and not recomend to my friends and relatives about this cimpany.

Ailene Ayungo - 7/23/2023 14:16:53

Poor dilevery

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