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GoGo Xpress Hub, Batangas
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Lipa, Batangas, Philippines
Open Hour
Telephone -
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Jen Magtibay - 2022-05-07

Riders are very rude. I think this LIPA hub just profits from Shopee and never intend to deliver the parcels. 😏 they don't actually care about the reviews here to be honest. I filed a formal complaint to the customercare. Hope they will take legal actions to turn this hub down. Bulok as in!

Judy Rivera - 2022-05-26

Poor service , always failed to deliver due the consignee is unavailble, while im try to contact the rider no reply and unreachable, hows that????? Its the second time

Fisstea!! - 2021-08-03

Slow delivery👌

Daisy Mailom - 2022-05-21

First Time to Call Out a Shipping Courier GoGo Xpress. My parcel has 13 more in your lipa hub. And just now I read posts on facebook of your customers that when they hang out at the LIPA HUB, the delivery is delayed and some even reach 3 weeks and sometimes it is said that it was established as a lost parcel so it was not delivered. Who knows where their LIPA HUB location is? Please kindly comment.. Thank you! I just go because I don't want to wait 3 weeks because the parcel is urgent, SUPER BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE and DELIVERY because only bots reply to messages. Then there was no reply to the email either. As for the replies in the comment section, no status can be given either. Knowing that the order is only in Manila and not from China. And there is no update on their tracking either. First time to say this because I like to order online, there is no problem with other shipping couriers, but they are NOT RECOMMENDABLE at all. Save yourself from stress. Thank you!

Kristel Park - 2022-06-15

My order took too long. My parcels have been at the hub for 7 days. You raise it with customer service, they can't do anything. When you said that you will just pick up, it might take a few days to be approved by the Ops Team. I waited a day for the apporval but I didn't get any approval. What now?? Fix it. Many people have been complaining for a long time and you are not fixing it